Nest Notes


Notes from the Clovis West Community


Dr. Hammack,

This email should've been sent a long time ago.

A little over two years ago you allowed me to come to your school and talk about the dangers of drugs and alcohol during National Red Ribbon Week.  Little did I know at the time, I would tell the entire student body as well as faculty and staff “my story.”  The story of where I grew up and the violent and drug induced environment in which I was raised was a point in my life I was scared and embarrassed of.  I had never told this to anyone or gone in depth the way I had, even to my own wife who I had been married to for 20 years, at the time.  I had buried it so far down into the depths of my mind, I never thought it would return.  I am saying thank you to YOU and the administration of Clovis West for saving my life.  Being able to open up to hundreds of perfect strangers allowed me to grow in ways I can’t explain.

Over the past four years, you have allowed me to come to your school and teach countless classes on traffic safety, the Every 15 Minutes Program, Sober Graduation, Impact Teen Drivers, or even have a booth at a football game or career fair.  Because of you, I was able to impact thousands of young adults.  You all have even allowed me to be an employee, as an announcer for boys and girls volleyball, and as a fill-in for baseball and basketball.  I look for ways to impact the community in a positive way every day.  The irony is how much Clovis West High School has impacted me.  I feel like Clovis West is My School because of the freedoms you have given me.

As you know all three of my daughters attend Clovis West and my son graduated in 2015.  They are all student athletes and were / are very successful in what they do.  Thank you for giving them the opportunities you have, because of you ALL they are well rounded young adults.  I know we all don’t always see eye to eye, but through positive communication and understanding is how we grow.

In closing, I know we have had a very trying year.  The peaks were very high, and the valleys were so low it’s difficult to get back up, but Clovis West always does.  Through brother and sisterhood, we pick each other up and our strength is renewed.  “We soar on wings like eagles.”

I know I have been absent from the school so far this year.  I am still recovering from achilles surgery I had on December 19th, however I am shooting for a March return date to work.  If I can ever be of any assistance to Clovis West please let me know.  I believe I am not bigger than CUSD, I’m not bigger than Clovis West.  I am simply a man who wants a better tomorrow for everyone.

Thank you again for all you do.  It’s amazing how trust and kindness can be a life preserver.  I believe in what you are doing to mold young minds, keep them safe, and teach them values.  I hope you ALL have an excellent Friday and a wonderful weekend.

My most sincere thanks,

Johnny Fisher






"Hi, my daughter, Olivia, participated in the Little Hoopsters program in Jan/Feb. She is in first grader at Maple Creek and this was her first time playing basketball on a team. She is shy in a big crowd and gets a little overwhelmed with the parents all watching so there were tears that first day. I have to tell you I was blown away with how the CW girls responded to Olivia. They took her off to the side and helped her individually with the drill. Then, one of the girls took her to the "bench" and sat and talked with her, making her laugh and hugging her. Then, she was on the court with them encouraging her the whole time. It would have been so easy for them to just concentrate on the job of organizing the team but because of their extra effort Olivia was ready and happy the next Saturday. She went on to LOVE going and playing and really learned a lot about basketball and how good it feels to be part of a team. She now plays basketball at school during recess and has made some great new friends. I credit this to the positive and encouraging CW girls' basketball team.   Please pass this along to their coaches."

All the best,

Proud Parent. GO EAGLES!