Screen Printing

This is the Clovis West Foundation-supported business, designed and developed to help and support the school and co-curricular programs at Clovis West High School.  All proceeds from the Screening Eagles business stays within the Clovis West community for the benefit of Clovis West school and students.  In order for CW Foundation to better financially support CW’s school and it’s programs, it has developed this apparel screen printing business model.  It is an exciting venture as the model incorporates real-life business experience for students in a small business management class setting, and allows for the CW Foundation board to generate income to support the vision.  We welcome and thank you for your business.  Please give us the opportunity and support to show you what we can do for you.

Give us a call and let our Screening Eagles Team dress you up!

Monte Prieto (559) 327-2073

Examples of prior orders...

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