Every 15 Minutes Program

Every 15 Minutes Program

February 15, 2018 at 7:49 PM

In partnership with the California Highway Patrol and Office of Traffic Safety, Clovis West High School hosted the Every 15 Minutes Program on Monday, January 29 and Tuesday, January 30.  Every 15 Minutes is a drinking and driving awareness program where the school simulates a drinking and driving accident using current students.  The first day is the crash scene and every fifteen minutes on that day a student is pulled out of class to represent someone dying in the United States from a drinking and driving accident. A uniformed CHP officer will read their obituary and at the same time a rose is placed on the empty desk. 

The crash scene took place Monday, January 29 on Millbrook Avenue between Teague and Cole in front of Tice Park at 11:17AM, this is on the west end of the Clovis West campus.  Responses from the Fresno Fire Department, Fresno Police Department, American Ambulance, and the Fresno County Coroners just like there would in a real-life auto accident that has a fatality.

The following day there was an assembly held in the West Gym.  The assembly included a 25-minute video that has the story of what lead up to drinking and driving accident, the accident scene and the aftermath including a hospital scene, funeral scene, and a courtroom scene.  Following the video there was special guest speakers to talk about the real-life effects of drinking and driving, including an inmate who shared her story about the fatal accident she cause due to drinking and driving.


Here is link to our video we produced for the assembly.